Ongoing dev and maintenance of the Puppet Kibana module

Hi Kibana team,

I'm writing about - the most advanced Puppet module out there for installing and maintaining Kibana, which is not maintained of late, there are 14 open pull requests.

I contacted the current maintainer (lesaux) to see what was going on, and he said he has other priorities. I then contacted Joshua Spence who submitted a PR to support Kibana 5, and he suggested that it might make sense for the Elastic team to maintain the module (as you do for Logstash).

What do you think? It's a real shame to let it go to waste.

We've got this one :slight_smile:

Ah, cool, great to see - shame it wasn't based on the existing work (maybe there were good reasons for that). I'll ping the original module maintainer, maybe he'll add something to that

Hi @antgel,

I wrote the elastic/puppet-kibana module. There's not any glaring reason why I started from scratch for puppet-kibana other than it's a pretty simple module and it let us start fresh. I'm actively polishing it for a major release so you (and anyone else) should feel free to open issues/PRs leading up to a formal release.

Right now 5.x of Kibana is fully supported (installation, plugin management, etc.) and I have one or two things left to get done to have 4.x fully supported as well (including plugin upgrades.)

I have similar appreciation for the lesaux/puppet-kibana4 module (I used it before joining Elastic!) and would be happy to work in anything missing from puppet-kibana if needed.

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