Managing Elastic Search - Is Curl the only way?

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I'm a beginner using ELK, and as a beginner, I imported some logs that ended up having numeric fields imported as text. So, I fixed the log stash process to convert those correctly, and now my indices are conflicted.

I've found a number of articles on re-indexing - they all seem to indicate that one uses curl commands to do things like re-indexing, mappings, etc.

That seems pretty low level - my first instinct would be to make some custom scripts that encapsulate those curl commands. Is that the standard practice for management?

Install a free X-Pack Basic license and use Console in Kibana.

I highly recommend Insomnia. It is a REST client that let's you setup different workspaces (e.g. for different applications) and environments (for multiple instances of those applications).

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Very helpful - thanks !

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