Bulk Index task hangs

I did a bulk index task using java api. After a few successful bulk index requests, suddenly my indexer hangs. I checked the the status of index tasks using the task api of elasticsearch and I found that there are tasks still running and was going for 30+ minutes and its status is 'waiting_on_primary'.

What should I do to fix this?, Do I need to change something from the elasticsearch.yml?. Please HELP!

Anything in logs?

What is the size of your documents? How large are your bulk requests? How many parallel indexing threads/processes do you have? What is the specification of the cluster?

@Christian_Dahlqvist I have the below configuration for BulkProcessor

  • Bulk Size = 5MB
  • Flush Interval = 30 seconds
  • Concurrent Request = 2

I only have one node, 8 shards. the ES version im using is 6.2.3

@dadoonet There were nothing on logs except for those documents that failed in indexing. I cant cancel the task as is tagged as not cancel-able.

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