bulkRequest.get() hangs

I am using java transport client 5.5.0 and I have deployed elastic search version 5.5.0 using kubernetes in google container engine. I am using BulkRequestBuilder api to do number of inserts and also waiting for their responses to come back
BulkRequestBuilder bulkRequest = client.prepareBulk();
BulkResponse bulkResponse = bulkRequest.get();
if (bulkResponse.hasFailures()) {
I was getting response back from the elastic search and all of a sudden it has stopped ,it seems to hang for ever.
Not sure why all of a sudden it has stopped working? Any help would be really appreciated.


Hard to tell what happened without further insight, as there might have been network outages, containers being killed. Logfiles would help a lot here. Knowing if all of the hosts are reachable during that outage as well.

In general: You should not use blocking calls without a timeout when sending bulkrequests. Either add a timeout (even a high one like one minute) or use the listener based API.

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