Bulk management of Roles and Role mapping


(Pranav K Burnwal) #1


I have a scenario in which i have a big list of roles and appropriate role mappings.
This will get problematic to manage all from just two files.
Moreover managing users and groups in role-mappings is also challenging as we need to write user identifier or group identifier in the file.

Is there any API or tool for this?
Will it be possible to have some management tool (like WSO2 Identity Server for starters) take care of this stuff?

Thanks in advance... :smiley: :v:

(Steve Kearns) #2

Hi Pranav,

We are planning to add an API for configuring and managing Shield users / roles / user-role mappings, etc. This is a high priority for us, so stay tuned :slight_smile:


(Pranav K Burnwal) #3

Hi Steve,

Its been quite some time for the feature.
Can I get an update so as when to expect this?


(Steve Kearns) #4

Hi Pranav,

This remains a high priority for us. It will not be part of Shield 2.0, but we are actively working on it and plan to introduce it in the coming months.


(Pranav K Burnwal) #5



+1 for this feature!

(Jing Zhang) #7

Hi Steve,

Is this new feature available now?


(Steve Kearns) #8

Yes, we now have user and role APIs for the new Native realm!

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