Bulk Rejection in Elasticsearch

Hello Team,

I'm trying to index a 12mb log file which has 50,000 logs. After Indexign around 30,000 logs I'm getting the following error

[2018-04-17T05:52:48,254][INFO ][logstash.outputs.elasticsearch] retrying failed action with response code: 429 ({"type"=>"es_rejected_execution_exception", "reason"=>"rejected execution of org.elasticsearch.transport.TransportService$7@560f63a9 on EsThreadPoolExecutor[name = EC2AMAZ-1763048/bulk, queue capacity = 200, org.elasticsearch.common.util.concurrent.EsThreadPoolExecutor@7d6ae98b[Running, pool size = 2, active threads = 2, queued tasks = 200, completed tasks = 3834]]"})

However, I've gone through the documentation and elasticsearch forum which suggested me to increase the elasticsearch bulk queue size. I tried using curl but I'm not able to do that.

curl -XPUT localhost:9200/_cluster/settings -d '{"persistent" : {"threadpool.bulk.queue_size" : 100}}'

is increasing the queue size good option? I can't increase the hardware because I have less data.

The error I'm facing is due to the problem with the queue size or something else. If with queue size How to update the queue size in elasticsearch.yml and do I need to restart es after updating in elasticsearch.yml?

Please let me know. Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Have a look at this blog post.

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