Bulk-update challenge tuning

Hello, I run the bulk-update challenge:

esrally --pipeline=benchmark-only --track=eventdata --track-repository=eventdata --challenge=bulk-update --track-params=bulk_size:10000,bulk_indexing_clients:64 --target-hosts= --client-options="timeout:240" --kill-running-processes

we are quite happy with the results however tests run 7 days. Data is stored in elastic.
1. having data populated into elastic, will it be possible to reduce the time execution for 6 hours or 1 day and got the performance of the last day load. I know to control the number of cycles in bulk-update.json

  1. from the execution It shows the 1 phase is most operations are writes but the majority of the load comes from the reads. I tried to find how it works in the code but it is not clear to me where the switch from write to read is happening.
  1. Also it looks like the rally client executions are adapted based on response time. In my case rally machine has 64 CPUs and utilization up to 10%, and it is around 130 MB per / second how can I accelerate thruput from rally client

Can you guys please answer the question. It is required knowledge of some framework internals and it would really speed up our research.

Thanks in advance.

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