Bulk update in Cluster mode - version conflict engine exception

Hi All,

I have a 3 node cluster. After indexing the document, i am updating the document with additional fields. Multiple process tries to add new fields (As I have a multilugual db and for each lang a process tries to send a update request with a new field). When I do this in cluster mode, I am getting version_conflict_engine_exception and retry_on_conflict didnt help. I am doing a bulk request here. When I carry the same with a ES cluster on a single node, I dont face this issue. Can you please help me

I am using ES 2.3.2


{"update":{"_index":"qe_ses_all_lang_cq_t55stg01","_type":"qe_ses_all_lang_cq_t55stg01","_id":"http://slc08azy.us.oracle.com:8000/psc/t55stg01x/EMPLOYEE/T55STG01/q/?ICAction=ICQryNameURL=PUBLIC.QE_SES_DRILL_MSG_CAT&BIND1=18300&BIND2=1","status":409,"error":{"type":"version_conflict_engine_exception","reason":"[qe_ses_all_lang_cq_t55stg01][http://slc08azy.us.oracle.com:8000/psc/t55stg01x/EMPLOYEE/T55STG01/q/?ICAction=ICQryNameURL=PUBLIC.QE_SES_DRILL_MSG_CAT&BIND1=18300&BIND2=1]: version conflict, current [114], provided [113]","shard":"2","index":"qe_ses_all_lang_cq_t55stg01"}}}