Bundled JDK with version 7.0.x

Starting with version 7, Elasticsearch comes with bundled JDK.
Oracle changed the license of the JDK and disallows commercial use with the one packaged by Oracle.
(other alternatives are AdoptOpenJDK and more)

Is the JDK that comes with the tar.gz the Oracle's one?


As far as I can tell it seems bundled with OpenJDK, which is free.

I checked the SHA256 of the downloaded file - and it matches to the one in the jdk.java.net, so it seems ok.

What surprised me was that with the new ES version (7.0.1) the source host was switched to the download.oracle.com (see this PR).

Thanks anyway,

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Good question. @jasontedor could you tell why you changed the java provider for java11 in a PR which is related to java12.

The bundled JDK is OpenJDK, it is not encumbered by a commercial license. The reason that we switched the download link is because there was a temporary period where jdk.java.net was broken. This is actually because Oracle was in the process of setting up redirects from jdk.java.net to download.oracle.com.

@dadoonet I'm not sure what you meant about java11 vs. java12.

@jasontedor I was confused by the title of the PR where this change happened:

The title mentions an upgrade to java12 but the PR changes URLs related to Java11.

Anyway thanks for the explanation.

That pull request was about bumping the bundled JDK from JDK 12 to JDK 12.0.1. You can see this in the diff. However, this change occurred exactly when Oracle temporarily broke the download links from jdk.java.net, so in that same change, I also updated all existing links that relied on jdk.java.net to instead use download.oracle.com. This impacted not only the JDK 12 builds, but also the JDK 11s that we install in the packaging tests (which on master we run against the LTS version of the JDK).

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