C# client 8.4 filter by date range

Hi. How can I filter results by date range using .net client v8.4? I can't find that option

Hi, @matres.

Do you mean the 8.0.4 client, as we have not yet released anything beyond 8.0.x? In that case, it doesn't currently support range (date or numeric queries). This is a feature we are working on reintroducing. Please see the full release notes for details of what is included in this initial, feature-limited release.

Hi, @stevejgordon. My mistake, of course I meant .net client in version 8.0.4. Thank's for Your reply.
Are you able to estimate the approximate time of delivery of this functionality?

I'm afraid I can't provide a timeframe at the moment. It is a priority for us, and once available, we expect to release a beta so consumers can gain access earlier if needed. For now, I recommend using the 7.x client in compatibility mode.

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