Retrieving a date range in c#


I am trying to get a list of records from my Elasticsearch client using C#. Within my Elasticsearch index I have a field called startdate. I am looking to query a date range based off this code.

        List<Employee> respose = Connection.EsClient().Search<Employee>(s => s

                .Query(q => q
                      .DateRange(c => c

When I run this code nothing returns back from Elasticsearch. Also, if I increase the date range it returns back everything which is incorrect. It is kind of like it is ignoring the DateRange filter. I am currently running Elasticsearch 6.4.2. Anything helps, thanks!

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Hi DonElk,

Would you be able to generate the JSON that is being sent for this query? It is difficult to diagnose any problems from the C# without seeing what the client library is actually sending.


"{\r\n "from": 0,\r\n "size": 10,\r\n "query": {\r\n "range": {\r\n "startdate": {\r\n "_name": "startDate_query",\r\n "gte": "01/01/2016 11:25:06",\r\n "lte": "15/01/2016 11:25:06",\r\n "format": "dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss||yyyy"\r\n }\r\n }\r\n }\r\n}"

"{"from": 0, "size": 10, "query": {"range": {"startdate": {"_name": "startDate_query", "gte": "01/01/2016 11:25:06", "lte": "15/01/2016 11:25:06", "format": "dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss||yyyy"}}}}"

This is the same code, just different parameters used to call Elasticsearch Api. Thank you!


By the way, I am also seeing this same behavior in Postman. For example:
"query": {
"range" : {
"startdate" : {
"format": "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss",
"gte": "02/08/2016 11:25:06",
"lt": "03/08/2016 11:25:06"

"startdate": "03/28/2016 13:26:50",
"startdate": "03/05/2016 13:48:28",
"startdate": "03/08/2016 13:25:56",
"startdate": "03/02/2016 14:50:48",
"startdate": "06/03/2016 13:24:01",
"startdate": "11/08/2016 15:25:03"


Just realized the startdate 'type' is set to text. I will probably need to change this to date to fixed this issue. The index data was pulled from a SQL database which was parsed to Elasticsearch using Logstash. The data type for 'startdate' within SQL is of type datetime.

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That would definitely do it.

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