CA Certificate for Elasticsearch and Kibana in K8s

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Can someone share the steps how to configure certificate for Elasticsearch and Kiabana which is deployed on-prem K8s cluster.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Esakki. You should look at "Set up basic security for the Elastic Stack" documentation.

@nickpeihl Thank you let me go through this, but in the mean time I tried removing the elastic and kibana deployment from my cluster and I tried re-deploying but it's not working means, I'm getting the below status when I checked even after 20 minutes.

before I start the new deployment I have cleaned all nodes (pods), svc, deployments, crds, and k8s namespace as well

Not sure what I'm missing and why it's not working.

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Hi Esakki. Sorry, I'm not very familiar with deploying on k8s. You might want to open a new discussion in the Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes category

Thank you @nickpeihl , I have asked the same question there and waiting for the response.

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