Cacheing iFramed Kibana static content


I'm looking for a way to speed up loading the kibana dashboard. On my site I let the users click a checkbox which will change the dashboard url and refresh the embedded dashboard. I'm looking through files that are downloaded each time:

what files can I cache safely? What way do you recommend to do this?

You could cache any of these safely, they should only change if you modify the Kibana source files or install a new version of Kibana. You could probably accomplish this by setting up a reverse proxy with nginx or some other tool like it. We should really be setting proper cache-control headers on these responses though, so I also created a ticket for it:

Thanks. Initially I was looking for a way to cache these and came across using the apache cache mod on my reverse proxy. Then I looked at the headers that kibana was sending over on those and saw they were set to no-cache. So I looked at the source to see about changing from no-cache to an expiration. Before all that I decided to post here. Good to see I'm on the right track.

I'll keep an eye on that issue. When do you think they might fix it? Could it be before the next minor version since its a small bug fix. I know there's priorities and everything but it would be useful for a lot of people since those two bundle files make up 6 MB and there's more static files that can be cached.


I doubt it'll be fixed before 5.0 unfortunately, there are a lot of higher priority items between now and then. It could possibly get backported to a 4.x minor release, but I wouldn't guarantee it. Pull requests are welcome of course :grin: it might actually be easier to fix this upstream than to set up an nginx proxy.

i looked into apache caching and since the files have a query at the end of it I couldn't do it