Elastic Cloud HTTP2 response header and cache gzip css js image html files

We are planning to move Elasticsearch Service. We are currently in Trail mode.

Can you please let me know how we can achieve the following. This is to reduce the amount download which happening in each iframe of kibana visualization dashboard.

HTTP2/QUIC response header.
Enable Caching for css, js, image, html files.

Hello Swaminathan,

It sounds like this is a cloud optimization request which is handled separately from Kibana discuss issues. Cloud support requests can be made via the Elastic Cloud User Console. You'll want to submit a support ticket and someone should be able to follow up with you on any next steps.


Hi Swaminathan,

Any static assets used by Kibana (loaded in an iframe or otherwise) will already gzip and cache. The response for the cached asset will be an http 304 code. This was added starting in v6.2. Are there specific requests you're seeing that aren't being gzipped and cached?

As for HTTP2 Kibana does not yet support it.

Thanks for the update.

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