Calculate delta time between the log and pervious one

Hello ,
I have 30 logs and they are repeated every three minutes, I need to calculate the time difference between each two logs and keep this values tracked,

12/20/2018 Time: 09:40:01.123456 Operation1
12/20/2018 Time: 09:40:01.123007 Operation2
12/20/2018 Time: 09:40:01.123100 Operation3
12/20/2018 Time: 09:40:04.123256 Operation30

I will insert need to calculate the time between log 2-1 , 3-2 ...etc
I had a look to elapse plugin but it's not fit my application here ,
any thoughts ...

Thanks in advance .

Unfortunately this isn't something Kibana will be super helpful with. It would be much better if you could calculate this when indexing into Elasticsearch and have it be a field on the document itself (i.e. elapsedTimeSinceLastLog or something).

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Thanks a lot for your reply,
I will try to implement that,

any hints about how the configuration will be ?
I tried to use elapsed plugin during the ingestion, but I faced some difficulties with the grok filter, because I already had filter .

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