Duration time between logs

Hi Everyone !
I'm new to elastic and kibana and I have some troubles with duration time between log event.

I have 2 logs that i get via SNMP Trap :

referenceNumber : 123456
alarmType: 2
@timestamp : 2023-04-11T09:00:00.091Z
referenceNumber : 123456
alarmType: 3
@timestamp : 2023-04-11T09:00:45.091Z

Those logs represent event from other software.
alarmType:2 start event
alarmType:3 end event
I need to calculate the time of that event. Is that possible ?

Hello @justme123

THis is not possible with only Kibana I think. A requirement would be to somehow add event.duration at ingest time. For example in Logstash you can add an elasticsearch filter with which you could theoreticaloly query Elasticsearch for a doc with the same ReferenceNumber (if this is a usable number of course). Then you calculate the difference between the currently ingested @timestamp and the @timestamp of the doc you would get from your query.



I wonder if Elpased plugin could solve my problem

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