Calculate % in TSVB

This is how my data which is compile over time.

every five min sample, one record is as below, I have hundreds of systems.

system name: sys1,
total cpus = integer
used cpus = integer
free cpus = integer

would like to get % free cpu per last sample
that should be ((sum of free cpus / sum of total cpus) *100)

I know it can only be achieved in tsvb
how do I get this ?

I have already check this link out. this is for total count of document from everything and it does work. I have used that on other use case.

but this example is not usable for me because I need sum of free cpus/sum of total capacity over 5m interval.


this is more detail. I am after creating gauge or metrix in %

I have a two type of record
rack1: cpu/gpu
each has capacity, free,used

free: 50
used: 50

capacity: 10
free: 9
used: 1

so in this two record I should see
free % = (50+1 / 110 ) * 100 = 46.36%

How do I do this tsvb?

giving bump to see anyone come acorss this problem

one last try. if anyone has done anything like this before

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