Calculate two timestamps using painless

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hi team!

is that possible to calculate subtract the time between two logs by id in painless script???
log example is below:

plz point out to me if possible :slight_smile:
thanks so much

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

Scripted field run in the context of a single document, so can not act on information from different documents.

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thank you @Christian_Dahlqvist

so it's still challenging flat-world to emulate real-world :cry:

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Also Scripted Metric Aggregation???

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That may be able to do it, but as far as I recall Kibana does not yet support it. Another option would be to create an entity-centric index as described in this talk.

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thank you

(Ryan Ernst) #8

Scripted metric aggregations operate just as other aggregations: one document at a time. While it might be possible to stash data between map operations, the order would be inconsistent as documents move between Lucene segments.

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