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Hi everyone,

we recently released a real time calculated metric plugin :

Whoever wants to calculate ratios and more between metrics in a standard Kibana visualization should have a look at it. It is compatible with 5.6 and upward.

Give it a try and tell us what you think!



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(Gustavo Matheus) #3

This plugin is awesome! It makes aggregation metric calculations really simple.

My suggestion: It wold be really useful if we could configure common rules of derived metrics for all visualizations! This should avoid formula repetitions on every new visualization. Are you guys planning doing something like this in the future?


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Hi Gustavo,

thanks for your message! I am not sure I got your point about common rules. Could you please develop it a bit more (maybe create an issue in the formula repo)?
We use it in our daily business of automated reporting. Honestly, creating a formula is very quick. We use it in every single viz from the very beginning because our use cases are business analytics, more than pure monitoring.


(Gustavo Matheus) #5

Hey Lionel,

The ideia is basically a page where you can manage common derived metrics formulas for your index (something like scripted fields in Kibana's index patterns page). Once the formulas are created, the user should be able to see them in a dropdown list when creating visualizations (instead of adding manually the same formula for each new visualization). This would be really helpful since the visualizations sometimes share the same derived metrics! Also, in my case, I have some derived metrics that relies on other derived metrics, so this would help us to keep this kind of complexity in one place only.

If you prefer, I can open an issue in the repo to discuss this feature (I also opened another issue about the table footer "total" calculation!).


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Hi Gustavo,

ok I got it. It would indeed be helpful. But to do so, we would have to cope with the way Kibana attributes Id to metrics. It depends on the order of creation of your metrics/buckets when you create your viz. Thus, we do not see any simple way to apply externally stored formulas to a viz. You would anyway have to check if Id's are correct.


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