Calculated fields

Hello everyone, I am making a visualization in kibana in which I need to obtain several calculated fields at the end of it, such as "% of identified customers" (See the example). I searched on the web an also here, that on the lens visualizations you could do this by creating a custom formula there.


My issue here is that I am using kibana 7.13.2 and this "custom formula" for lens visualization is not activated on this version. So, I would like to know:

1) What version of kibana should I use to implement it?
2) Is anyone familiar with some other way to achieve my goal using my current kibana version?

Thank you very much!!!

Any version passed 7.14 has the custom formula feature. The best way to do custom metrics in your current version would be to try the "Filter Ratio" aggregation in TSVB.

Although if you can upgrade there are a lot of goodies in latest release--we're up to 8.1 as of now but even on 7.x the latest is 7.17

(oh and welcome to the community!!)

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Thank you very much @ghudgins and thanks for the welcome!!!

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