Count filtering visualization

Hi all,

I am trying to create a pretty simple visualization in Kibana in TSVB Table, with the count of different fields but with a filter applied. To be more precise, I want to get the count of every values higher than 1 for each IDs that I have and for different fields, like represented in the example below:

I also tried to go in the "Options" panel in TSVB but I cannot access the fields on which I want to apply the filter in the list...

Could anyone help me on this issue ?

Thanks in advance.

You can't do this in TSVB, but maybe you can do it in Lens. I am just trying to understand exactly what you want.

So you have an aggregation of the field1, let's say average and you would like to render only the average(field1) > 1? Do I get it correctly?

Thanks for your answer, and sorry if I wasn't clear enough.

For each IDs, I have one value each hour, and this value can be from 1 to 9.

What I want to do, is just to create a simple table with all my IDs as lines, and get the count for all the value that are higher than 1 during one day. For instance, if I get 13 times a value higher than 1 (so from 2 to 9), I want "13" to be displayed in my table, and do the same for all IDs and all fields.

Hope this is more precise!

yes I think you could do it in Lens with the filter by setting

Thanks a lot for the answer.

Excuse me, what version of Kibana are you using ?

Because I don't have the same interface when using Lens:

@clmtb this interface doesnt look very familiar to me. Can you share your kibana version?

I am currently using the version 7.7.1 of Kibana

Oh you are in a very early version of kibana. We added it later, I dont remember the version but the latest 7 version (7.17) has this setting.

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