Kibana TSVB how to visualize unique records count

Hi there!

I'm exploring TSVB and I couldn't find a way to report unique record count w/ the "counter" viz. Any guidance on that?



Hi azulgrana,

Can you share the configuration you have so far? I think for a record count the easiest way would be using Lens and the count of the records field rather than TSVB:

Does that do what you need?

@carly.richmond thanks for your quick response. I'm looking at using TSVB because I want to present a single counter with multiple metrics. See example below


My TSVB now shows 1) total open records 2) New records in the last 31 days and I'm looking at adding total unique records in the same metric. I looked at the TSVB counter "aggregation" and I don't see any references to "unique count"

I suspect what you are looking for is the Cardinality aggregation for the field X: it will count how many unique values for the field X are in the selected time range.

In Lens the same function is named Unique Count.


Thanks @Marco_Liberati I'll give that a try

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