Calculating Average Daily Count over 30 Days

I am trying to make a table visualization that shows the 30-day averages of the daily averages of log volume (count) per per log source split by type.

For example,

If I have 10 log sources, half are firewalls, and half are windows hosts. Firewalls send logs that are of type “firewall”, and windows hosts send logs of type “wineventlog”.

I am trying to see what the 30-day average of the daily average document count is per host split by type.

I cannot seem to get the kibana table visualization quite right for this. Does anyone know how to do this calculation?

in classical visualizations this won't be possible. You can do a moving avarage but you can't specify your period (30 day). This might be possible from TSVB however, selectng moving average aggregation you can select the window size.

  • under panel options select daily interal
  • count metric
  • moving average metric with window size 30 on count
  • group by term on your log type field

i hope this is helpful.


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