Calculating duration between two documents in Elasticsearch

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I'm collecting logs from an application recording the start time. Then another record is signifying the end time. Both records have to match on DeviceId and a CorrelationId. I'm using an ingest pipeline to process the logs. When the log line is processed that is the end time, I want to query ES and get the starttime and calculate the difference, and add a field for it.
I'm at a loss on how and if this can be done in pipelines in Elasticsearch.
I saw something similar via Logstash, but I'm trying to avoid Logstash and just do this in Elasticsearch.

Any ideas?

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Use an entity centric index - see

The comments include a link to example data and scripts

Calculate time difference between two different record timestamps
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No they don't because I expect they are awaiting a review which is why only I can see them.

I've just updated the scripts to work with elasticsearch 6.3 and this is the link