Calculating percentage and alerting through email


I need some inputs on how to achieve below points through Kibana.

We are injecting data into Elasticsearch from MQ application. One of the fields in thedata is "Status". This field can be either "SUCCESS" or "FAIL". In Kiban, I can easily create a graph based on COUNT, say count of "SUCCESS" in last 10 minutes, count of "FAIL" in last 1 hour or total count in last 24 hours.

What I am looking for is,

  1. How can I show in a graph the percentage of "SUCCESS" and "FAIL" for the last 5 minutes or a day?

  2. Is there any possible way to send an email notification when percentage of "SUCCESS" or "FAIL" is above 50 for, say, last 15 minutes?

Any help or inputs in this regard is really appreciated.

Thank you.
Ravi Chandran.

Unfortunately we don't currently have support for scripted metrics, or ratios of this sort.

@lukas, Thank you for the reply.

As a work around we decided to use logstash and Grafana.

Best regards,
Ravi Chandran

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