Calendar month log comparison?

I'm trying to accomplish a simple task. I have visualizations summarizing log activity. I can change the time period using the Kibana time picker in the top right. I can get the current month summary using the absolute first-day-of-the-month date, or past 30 days, or whatever. That all works fine.

What I need now is a dashboard comparing the current activity summary to the activity from the previous calendar month. So, on Dec 4th, say, I would like to have two separate visualizations on one dashboard: the first is a log activity summary from 1 Nov to 30 Nov, and the second is 1 Dec to 4 Dec. This is easy to do manually each month. What I'd like to have, however is a visualization that rolls over every month automatically. So, in January, the previous example the first visualization would switch to 1 Dec to 31 Dec. The time-picker "Month to Date" works for the second case, but I don't know how to specify "Last Calendar Month" without using absolute dates.


You should be able to provide a date filter when you create the visualization. To specify the last month, I believe you should be able to use: now/M-1M for the start of your range and now/M for the end of it. Provided you've enabled auto-refresh, that should give you what you need whenever you pull up the visualization.

Here are a few good links to help you out:

Also, here's a quick screenshot of adding (editing in my case) a filter to your visualization in case you haven't tried this before:


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