Kibana : Date Comparision

I have made a chart visualzation and I want quick option through which I can see data of like previous five Mondays etc. I can do this by querying by dates but I was wondering if kibana had any other option ?

You can try creating a Saved Search, then you can create two visualizations using that same search: one chart, and one data table. Would that give you what you're looking for?

@Larry_Gregory Thanks for the reply.
I am not sure that I made myself clear.

Basically If i have any kind of visualization or data and I want to filter out last n Mondays or any other day to see the trend how can that be achieved ?

In my case I want to see completion times of my jobs for last n Monday or Tuesday to see the pattern

I understand what you're saying now, sorry for the confusion!

For something like "last n Mondays", you might be better off indexing your documents with a "day of week" field, or creating a scripted field to calculate this. Once that is in place, then it should be easier to do this kind of thing by adjusting your dashboard filters appropriately.

To make filter adjustments more user-friendly, Kibana recently introduced a Controls Visualization, which lets you add dropdown and slider controls to your dashboards to easily apply filters.

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