Creating Time Comparison Dashboard

Hi all,

I am pretty new to Elastic and Kibana. I am hoping to create a dashboard that would be used to highlight any significant changes to key metrics over different time periods. For instance, showing the call volume for current month and for the month before that we can notice if there was major drop off.

Could anyone suggest the most effective way to achieve this?

what you could do is to have 2 visulizations in a dashboard, one for the current month and one shifted 1 month ago.

My dashboard is configured for one day ago but you can do the same for one month. To create the second chart (the shifted one) you should go to Lens and on the metric dimension click the advanced options and select the Time shift you want.


Hi @vils Welcome to the community!
What version of Elastic and Kibana are you using... If you're using a fairly recent version, you can use lens visualization and look at the time shift.

There are some examples here

As mentioned to above you can create two visualizations or you can even create a single line chart showing now and 30 days ago and even the difference if you'd like.


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