Selecting multiple time-frames to compare data/performace

Is it possible to show the same data in a visualization/dashboard for 2 or more different time-frames to give a visual indication of production trends and similar details to the end-user?
Thank you

Your best option here is to utilize the "Timelion" visualization type. Here you can create two visualizations on different offset time ranges.

I'd recommend checking out the "Offsetting data source" section of this blog post:

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There is also a feature in 7.4 for customizing the time range of specific panels in a dashboard:

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Thank you so much! I will check it out right away!

Thank you so much! I will check with my head-of-dev and see if that's something we can use !

@joshdover I am using a version lower than 7.4 and most metrics (all but count) do not show any data in the diagram. Do I need to upgrade to 7.4 or 7.5 to have them all work?

Sample working query:
.es(index=jos_data*, timefield=@timestamp, metric=count)

Sample query not working:
.es(index=jos_data*, timefield=@timestamp, metric=avg:message.payload.severity)

We can follow the new question in the other open post.

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