Is the any way to present in dashboart visualization based on two indices?


I'd like to build a dashboard with visualizations. In first index I have sales details. Let say:
product, sale_value, quantity, sale_date.
In other index I have:
purchase_price, price_date
In visualization I'd like chart (like timelion). First line present aggregated sale value by day. Second present aggregated purchase value by day (as above).

I'd like to use filter control with just one date selection field(s)
Possible to do this in Kibana?


Hey @Gosforth, correct me if I am wrong.
You want to add two visualizations based on different indices and every time you change the time to be updated, right?

So let's say that we have two timelion visualizations.
1st expression: .es(index=index_1,timefield=sale_date)
2nd expression: es(index=index_2,timefield= price_date)

If you add them both to a dashboard you can use the time filter to adjust the dates.

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