Way to easily compare two custom time/dates

I am working to monitor network performance during a series of experiments. I'll be running identical experiments on various network configurations and would like to compare them.

Is there an easy way to configure a dashboard with two time/date ranges?

I know I can set up panels to have a specific offset for comparison, but I am looking at comparing 20 or so panels, and the offset will change. Some experiments may be run the same day and others may be run a week or more apart.

So creating panels with custom offsets is a lot more work than if there's a way to specify some kind of a global variable for all of your on-page offsets.

I hope there is a plugin of sorts to allow this through dashboards or reporting.

This is not urgent. If there is not a good way to go about this, I will simply create one dashboard with single columns of panels, and then copy/paste from the reports into side-by-side views.

Thank you for your time.

Maybe try Canvas.
It is not pretty, and UX is quite bad, but it will provide you the solution. I think.

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