Kibana dashboard with two timestamps


is it possible to have two different timestamps within one dashboard?

There is always one which is in calendar in up right corner and applies to whole dashboard (lets say its production date) but what if I want another timestamp for example breakdown date? I can manually write it in "Add filter" panel but thats not convenient for end user.

Unfortunetally, controls range slider is only for numbers so its not possible for user to choose begin and end breakdown date.

Any ideas? Any workarounds?

Thank you.

Maybe it is difficult with kibana default dashboard.
I suppose one possible option is customized visualizeation using vega-lite script.

I have feeling its similar to Controls so it wont work for strings or dates probably. If you look closely, there is stated "step" size so its still number range. If there is one year missing it will probably let you set up this year on slider too eventhough its missing because its not reflecting data behind. So I cant imagine this would work for other data types.

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