Kibana 5.5 Is it possible to have distinct date ranges for each visual item on a Dashboard?

I'm trying to build a Dashboard that will display logging events for this year and last year showing them side by side. However, I cannot figure out how to set each saved Visualize graph to a specific date range. It appears that whatever is selected in the top right corner of the Dashboard is an overarching date range which will always affect what is on the screen.

Is this how it works all the time or should I be able to have the Dashboard display two graphs that show this year and last year data?

hi @E_Marshall,
If I have it correct, I believe you are referring to this It's a long outstanding issue in Kibana.

There is some possible alternatives, but with limitations.

  1. If you have patience: You can use the Date Range aggregation, if you know the exact buckets you would like to see.

  1. If you don't care about date-stamp formatting: You could also create a new scripted field. Use as value the date-field from your document. It will come out as milliseconds. Then you can use the regular "Histogram" functionality.

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