Ability to remove blank range of dates from Kibana visualization

Hey all,

I'm trying to build a dashboard that hones in on two primary time frames - monthly and yearly.

In order to view yearly values, it appears that my date range needs to be set to that year.

For the monthly range, I've set my date for the data affected to be within that month but the issue I'm holding to resolve is to remove all of the blank/null values in the graph before the data starts.

In the case above, my hope is for it to only be a smaller graph without the large blank section. My wide intention is to have a presentable dashboard that can see the yearly data and then zoom into monthly values without disrupting the presentation of the monthly series.

My filters are set below where TS is the date of the data

So, you have a dashboard with a 1year timerange. You have two visualizations. The first one displays everything and the second one is a bit unclear to me. Can you share its configuration?

Moreover which kibana version do you use?

In general, there is no way to remove the blank values. The only way is to decrease the time range.


Thank you for your reply!

My second visualization is intended to just capture the last month. My use case is to be able to see a year of weekly data and also a month of weekly data though my desire was to trim out the blank values. It looks like the date range for the dashboard takes precedent over the visualization(at least to the point where the second visualization technically is correct, though was hoping for a trick to avoid two dashboards - one for monthly and one for yearly).


Thanks again! I am thinking my best bet is to have a dashboard for monthly data and yearly data.

Just click on the gear on the second visualization and set a custom time range to last 30 days.

The you can have the year visualization and the last month visualization


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