How to implement more then one time stamp in Kibana Dashboard (Panel)?

I try to emplement more than one timestamp at Kibana Dashboard, the result shuld look like this:

But I can not implement the dynamic updates for the second time stamp, after refresh (F5) the date in both time stamp will be reseted and set to even. So, how it is posibile to implement two or more independent time stamps in Kibana Dashboard?

Please help me to find the right funktion or point a place where to insert the code for the Second Time Stamp in Kibana Panel ?

Best regards!

I presume you want to do this in Kibana 4 (the example screen shot shows the prior version)

The only thing I can think of doing is doing a X-Axis -> Split Chart Date Histogram with a Interval of 1d

Then add the Line Splits as you need.

I will look around to see if there are any other options

eperry, actualy we use Kibana 3.
But migration to Kibana 4 won't be a problem.

Sorry yah I have mostly forgot K3 though In K4 you goal is sort of difficult in both, the "Date" is set globally for the page. I am not sure other then adjusting your Interval.