How to display old data panel and recent data panel on same dashboard?

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Hi Experts,

I am preparing a dashboard , it has 4 panels . So panel1 and 2 are from Index 1 and rest 2 are from index 2. Now in index1 I got latest data because it is updating hourly . However , my index 2 is updated once a month .

Problem :- When I placed all 4 panels on the same dashboard I got blank panels which are on index 2 as my time range is last 24 hours .

I hope I am clear with my problem

Can someone suggest me something on this .


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Sorry, but there isn't any way to have multiple time filters on the page at a time.

You might be able to accomplish something like this by turning off the "timefield" option in your index patterns and using the query/filterbar to apply two time filters independently. This will prevent you from using Kibana's default time navigation options though because they assume that your data is formatted as events, not monthly summaries.

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I get the first part of your answer . So in Settings I can turn off the timefield but the second part of the answer is not clear .

and using the query/filterbar to apply two time filters independently

Can you elaborate this further or if I can get some example .


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