Syncronize vega-lite timestamp with kibana chart's timestamp

Hi Experts,

I'm writing a scatter plots in vega-lite now and it's on a dashboard contining many kibana charts.
One of the charts on the doashboard changes every 1 second and I would like the other charts to synchronize the timestamp(x axis) with it.
How can I achieve that?
I have no idea how to access different chart's timestampe range and to set/change the current time range.... :cry:

Many thanks in advance,

Hi shin
In the data.url configuration you can specify a special parameter that includes the required range for an ES query thats use the dashboard filters and time range

Kibana has a special handling for the fields surrounded by "%". They are processed before the the query is sent to Elasticsearch. This way the query becomes context aware, and can use the time range and the dashboard filters.

  data: {
    url: {
      // Apply dashboard context filters when set
      %context%: true
      // Filter the time picker (upper right corner) with this field
      %timefield%: @timestamp
   your es query

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