Cannot visualize data in real-time, using vega\vega-lite in kibana

I have real time data. I am writing an ES query to filter my data for better visualization (kibana-vega). apparently using ES queries don't let me visualize in real time anymore. vega rather takes all the data in index and uses that for visualization. I am only interested in a moving graph that updates itself with time. I am confused, if it is even in the features of vega-kibana to let me use queries and still let me visualize data in real time. can anyone explain this issue, thanks

Do you have a time range set in the query to ES? If there isn't one set, it will query the whole data. You can look at a visualization request for more examples.

      "body": {
      "_source": ["timestamp", "value", "vin", "dbcIdentifier"],
        "query": {
          "bool": {
            "must": [
              "match": {"something": "something"}
              {"range": {"timestamp": {"%timefilter%": true}}}

this is my ES query, is it a correct format ?

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