ES query is not working for realtime

data: {
url: {
// %context%: true
// %timefield%: timestamp
// current voltage (bem_ubdm) BEM_UBDM
// target voltage (bem_ugensoll) BEM_UGenSoll
index: alias1

  body: {

  "_source": ["timestamp", "value", "vin", "dbcIdentifier"],
     "query": {
          "must": [
              {"match": {"something": "something"}},
           {"range": {"timestamp": {"%timefilter%": true}}}
    }   }
format: {property: "hits.hits"}


i am using vega/vega-lite for data visualization in kibana. this is my ES qeury for fetching data. it is not getting data in real time. I am not sure about the time range, it would be really helpful if someone can pointou tmy mistake.

whenever i try to uncomment %context%: true & %timefield%: timestamp it says you cannot use the feature when you have the query set.
please help guys :frowning: i only want real time visualization

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