Bar chart comparing time frames

Dear fellow users,

so, I'm new to Kibana and don't know how to accomplish the following task. I would be very if someone could help me with that.

I have a data set of bookings, where each booking has a startTimestamp and an endTimestamp. For both timestamps, I also have a field "XXXhours", so a "startHours" and an "endHours" which allows me to see bookings for each hour of the day.
Now, I managed to create a bar chart that shows me the number of bookings every hour easily (Bucket: Histogram, field: startHours, Minimum interval: 1).
With the date field next to "Refresh" button, I can set e.g. one week I desire to see.

I now want to compare one week to another. How can I tell histogram Bucket to choose another time frame, relative to the one chosen in time frame filter?


Hi @Graphity,

I can't think of a good way to do this - a thing that comes close is to add the visualization twice to a dashboard and set a custom time range (accessible from the context menu) for one vis:

The overwritten time range wouldn't update automatically if you change the time range of the dashboard in the top right though.

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