Date histograms -- fixed intervals possible?

I'm really struggling with the Date Histogram (in Kibana). We're sending custom metric data to ES (no, none of the Elastic tools are capable of doing this). The data and visualizations are "fine..." with one caveat: we cannot figure-out how to set a "fixed" interval/bucket/etc of, say, 1-minute.

When we expand the time range, we want the data to be "bucketed" (forgive my ignorance and likely mis-use of terms). Currently, when we expand that time range, the "buckets" go from 1-min buckets to 30-minute buckets (for example). This makes doing comparisons... extremely difficult.

Grafana doesn't seem to suffer this problem. I hope that this is a simple thing... and that I just don't know the right questions/terms to ask/seek (I've really been looking). Unfortunately, this solution failed (generic error): Rollup index date_histogram issue

Help is greatly appreciated! If we can solve this problem... our Elastic lives will be MUCH better.


We have used TSVB to overcome this issue. we needed exact 5m interval.
in panel options

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W00t! It's a bit tedious to use (we have complex visualizations)... but this absolutely appears to work. THANK YOU!!! I'm so eager to burn the TICK stack to the ground...

It would be a nice feature to have throughout Kibana (in other visualization types)....

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