Comparison of data in kibana dashboard

I have a usecase which is as follows.
I am counting no of db hits per second in application in kibana.
I want to compare the db hits per second of last 15 mins with that of db hits which was 7 days ago in same time.

If current time is 1st october 4.40P.M.
Then i want to compare the current db hit count with db hits on 24 th sept.
How is it achievable.
I tried with date range query but i am unable to finally achieve it.
Basically i need a comparison graph of last 15 mins with the same 15 mins 1 week ago.

Thanks in advance.


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Not currently possible, feel free to +1 this issue, if this is important to you:

I am also looking for this functionality. I want to compare Energy Usage (Watts) for different time frames on the same dashboard.

i have a way out.
If you want it i will post

Please do post! I know of one workaround, which is to enable Groovy and use scripted fields to perform date math. Is that what you did?

What i did is something tedious.
First create a time field by splitting the timestamp. Name as field-time.
Now in x axis take the field term and take max field 50.
use custom metric and take max timestamp(the timestamp field that you choose during index creation).
then subaggregate on date-range.
in the range field you give the time you want to compare.
in one u give now-h to now
in the other you give now-25h to now-24h.
try and let me know the result