Comparison Graph in Kibana

(Shantanu Sen) #1

I want to create graph as a template which will give me comparison of the current data with the old data . The data will be pushed once in every 24 hours and I want create the comparison graph of current data and the one 24 hrs before.

Please help, I am not able to use the Date Range aggregation.


(CJ Cenizal) #2

Hi there!

Can you show me what your data looks like and explain why the Date Range aggregation won't work for you?

As far as I know, the way to compare two charts the way you describe is to create two separate Visualizations with different Date Range aggs and add them to the same Dashboard.

You could also create a Date Histogram and set your time range to be 48 Hours Ago relative to Now. Then you would have all the relevant data visible. It would be a little more difficult to compare than having them in two separate charts, though.


(Mark Walkom) #3

You may want to look at Timelion.

(Shantanu Sen) #4

I am running jmeter test once everyday and comparing the results with the last test.

(Shantanu Sen) #5

i am looking at timelion but still trying to understand how to set date difference

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