Comparison of data between two time points

Hi, I think the answer is "no can do" but I will ask anyhow in case I am missing something (and if I'm right it's surprising that I'm the only one to need it)

We are monitoring results of tests on a daily basis. we have a large number of tests running, and the results keep changing. Now I would like to have a view of the top differences between the results of today and yesterday.
The way my data is modeled is that each document is a test with pass/fail and some categorization and the date of running.
Currently it seems that you can't mix two dates in a formula, so the only thing you can do is visualization over time, but no way you can show a table with comparison of today vs yesterday.
Anything I am missing?

I am unsure but I think this could come close to it Tutorial: Create a workpad for monitoring sales | Kibana Guide [8.3] | Elastic. Never used it myself but allows very specific aggregations.

Hi @defalt ! thanks for answering. sadly - it doesn't here is why - and I should have probably explained it initially
For me to be able to focus on what's important, the best would have been to find the differences between today's result and yesterday's result. we have thousands of tests, so I would only want to show the diff.
So what I thought is doing something like sum(kql='something') - sum(kql='something' shift="1d") and then I could sort by the differences. but that's not possible today....
So how can I do any comparison between 2 different points in time?

How about: New to ES/Compare daily data to previous date's data? Does this work?

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