Compare 2 days Data and conditional formatting


I am new to Kibana, I have a requirement to compare 2 days of data and create visualization. (Kibana Version 7.10)

Day 1 Data

Nam Col1 Col2
AAA 500 600
BBB 700 800

Day 2 Data

Nam Col1 Col2
AAA 400 700
BBB 900 900

Comparison and Visualization should satisfy the below

  1. If Day 1 value is Less than Day 2 Data, then display Day 2 data in RED
  2. If Day 1 value is greater than Day 2 Data, then display Day 2 data in GREEN

Kindly assist me

Final Visualization should be as follow , (R/G) the value / the cell should be in Red/green
Result Data

Nam Col1 Col2
AAA 400(R) 700(G)
BBB 900(G) 900(G)


Hi @Raj4

with newer version of Kibana you can do something closer, but not that exactly.
I would suggest to build a table like the following with a time range of "Today" (or 1 day):

Name | Col1 | Col1 color | Col2 | Col2 color
AAA     | 400. | Red.           | 700. | Green
BBB     | 900  | Green.       | 900. | Green

For Col1 and Col2 you might use the max operation.
For the Col1 color and Col2 color you might use the following formula:

max( Col1 ) / max( Col1, shift="1d")

And then use the color by value feature to set the green/red color if the value is > 1 (green) or <1 (red).

Kibana Version 7.10 is EOL and no longer supported. Please upgrade ASAP.

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