Compare a stat with previous timeframe

Hello, I seek a way in Kibana to show data value based on time, and also it's increase vs. day-1.
My dataset is complex, but here is a simple example:

I have 2 columns: a number and a date.
today's number is 50
yesterday's number is 25
2 days ago the number was 20

I want to create a kibana visual that shows:
today increase is 100% (or 2X)
yesterday the increase was 125% compared to the previous day.

Thank you in advance!


This can be achieved by using a derivative example. You must use a XY line chart as shown here.

This shows the increase over time. This can also be achieved using TSVB visualizations. It has a nice enhancement where you can see data Time shifted one day before
maybe that will help you as well . In the Data > Options panel, set the Offset series time to achieve the same.

Hope this helps,

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