Compare two field of different date


I'm Cem. I have a problem with Kibana. We want to compare two fields on one screen or one graph. But we cannot do that.

Can you explain to us?



Hey @cemkuleyin, I'll need a bit more information to be able to assist you. Would you mind describing the structure of your data in Elasticsearch and how you'd like to compare it? As you're probably aware, Elasticsearch has limited join support but there's generally way to work around this limitation by modifying your data on ingest, or using a pipeline aggregation.

hi @Brandon_Kobel,

I want to analyze two term of timestamp but i cannot do that analyze.

Can you help me?



@cemkuleyin so you have two documents with the same timestamp with different other fields? Are these in different Elasticsearch documents/indices, and how are you looking to "analyze" them?

@Brandon_Kobel, we want to same field with different timestamp.

@cemkuleyin I'm having trouble understanding what you're looking to accomplish, could you provide a sample document(s)?

hi again Brandon, we didnt solve our problem.

We want to plot a graph one field for two or more timestamp period for example google analytics.

i will sent you example picture from google analytics.

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