Time series kibana


I want to compare a data set from the last 15 min with the total mean accumulated over time.

How could i do this in kibana?
I have tried as TSVB and Timelion and cannot get the desired result.

Can anybody help me?


Hey there, you could use Lens and filters aggregation:

  1. Make sure your timepicker is in the right time range to cover all your data.
  2. switch to table visualization
  3. For rows, create filters aggregation - one for All records, one with the timespan you need (here last hour, change 60 to 15 to get 15 minutes)

@timestamp >= "now-60m/m" and @timestamp <= "now/m"

4. For metrics, define the metric you need
Screenshot 2021-03-31 at 08.32.41

Here's the result:

It doesn't have to be a datatable, choose whatever chart type you find fit.

Hi Marta and thanks!!

I do not have Lens in my kibana, how could I do the same but without Lens, because I have tried and I do not get the same result.

Thank you very much for your time and I await an answer.


You can do the same thing in any Visualize editor, for example Vertical Chart or Datatable. Here's the configuration for the similar example:


I can't leave filter 1 blank, because it throws me an error that I can put in filter 1?


Hi @Jose_Manuel_Tirado , that's surprising, it allows me to leave it blank, but you can target all records with '*'

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