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Hi there,

I'm trying to create a line chart that shows the average of field1(number field) in the last hour but showing an interval in minutes from field2 (date field), when I try to do with "Date Histogram", field2, interval minutes and using a search of the last 60 minutes it gives me this war:

Then I think it's because it would have 60 buckets and they don't fit, i tried to make a custom interval of 30m for example, and same war apear. It doesn't have any sense for me, I understand if I have a search of the last 60 min, and make a custom interval of 30 minutes like this:
it should work right?

I want something like this:

But X-Axis every minute in the last hour, or 5 min interval and I'm giving up :frowning:

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I have attempted to make this work locally and have not had any luck locally. What are you trying to use this visualization for? Seems like moving average with 1 minute buckets might give you what you are looking for.

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Ye, I tried to do so, but it didn't work like my boss wanted :confused:. Anyway today after few hours we found the problem. When we creat the index on kibana, we select time filter (@timestamp), and that filter works over ALL the others, so finally we decided to creat them without time filter and everything works now with this conf:

Thank for your reply!

BTW, ELK it's and amazing tool. Keep the good work!

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Glad you got things working and glad you like the stack.

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