Visualize TPS for current time i.e. last 5 secs, last 5 mins and last 15 mins

I want to visualize TPS(Transaction per second) in Kibana. I am trying to visualize it using TSVB(Time Series Visual Builder) . What i am currently doing is in Guage panel options in Data time range mode i have selected last value option value and in interval i have entered 15 mins time interval to get data in last 15 mins time interval. In Data Panel what i am doing is performing count aggregation and on that aggregation i am performing Bucket Script and dividing the count by 900 in case of 15 mins. Is this a good approach which i am following or there is some other approach to Visualize these kind of situation. Sharing screenshots of what i have done.

. Thanks in advance for Help.

Posting some sample data maybe useful:

{"TXN_ID": "txn_15910198269358358302",
"Method": "LOGIN",
"timestamp": "2020-06-01T13:57:07.214Z"
{"TXN_ID": "txn_15910198269358358302",
"Method": "LOGIN",
"timestamp": "2020-06-01T13:57:06.940Z"

We call this use case the "average event rate," because your general approach should be something like this:

  1. You can use an auto interval or a fixed interval.
  2. Get the total amount per interval. Let's say the last interval has 10,000 over 15 minutes.
  3. To convert to the "average event per second", you will need to use this formula:

params.count / (params._interval / 1000)

  1. You can check the output in the line chart by creating multiple series and comparing

My colleague has recently written a blog post about visualizing rates in TSVB, which offers some general advice for this kind of scenario:

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